Moving RA agents within environments programmatically
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Moving RA agents within environments programmatically


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


We need to migrate our retrieval agent that is assigned more than 300 times across multiple applications/environments/server Types to a new server.
I would like to do this programmatically through REST API but I didn't found any API that could help me in this task.
I've also tried to do this with 'Dynamic Agent Mapping' feature but it doesn't suit to my needs as it is mentioned 'This option to map an agent to several server types is not enabled.' in the documentation here:


Release : 6.6



The feature of assigning agent to an environment is not available in REST API, rather is available in SOAP API, refer the Technical document of SOAP API reference

To assign an agent to an environment programmatically via SOAP API use the available method mapInstanceToEnvironment, refer to KB How to assign agents to environment using command line or API? for more details


Additional Information

Attached is a python script shared by one of our customer to move agents within environment.

Disclaimer: The script shared is for reference and use of same levied on end user discretion. Broadcom doesn't hold any liability or obligation encountered due to usage of the shared script.


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