Create a simple alarm override with the processes probe
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Create a simple alarm override with the processes probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


What is the method to specify a different alarm with the processes probe?


Release : 20.3+
Component : UIM - PROCESSES


In the example I want to set one process to alarm at a different level when it is down.

1. Make a new alarm based on the existing alarm:

I will make note of the alarm information, and then right click to create a new alarm, and give it a name the corresponds to what I want:

Once created I can then open my process that I want to specify the alternate alarm message for.

In the probe configuration of the profile right click in the white space of the Message override list and select Message pool:

Then grab the message in the pool list and drag it to the empty space. 

The Token properties will then show up. Select OK and the override will appear in the list of overrides.

Click Apply to save the configuration.