IMS Operation Facility
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IMS Operation Facility


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We are using IMS Operation facility in Some of the Lpars, I have opened this case to find out complete Information on IMS Operational facility. Is there any special option in OPS/MVS to monitor or view IOF. Also wanted to know if IOF automatically issues some commands , if yes how to check the definitions where the commands are being defined . ( Apart from regular rules like MSG TOD CMD etc is there any automated facility in IOF which issues commands to IMS ?).




Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


The IOF facility is not a monitor.   To monitor IMS would require a monitoring tool such as Broadcom's SYSVIEW Performance Management product.  Likewise, OPS/MVS does not come with any "out of the box" automation set up for IMS.  What the IOF offers is the ability for customers to set up their own automation for commands to IMS.