View - SARSTCUX exit not processing as expected
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View - SARSTCUX exit not processing as expected


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Our View SARSTCUX exit was modified to add the LPAR extension onto SYSLOG when it goes into a View database (Example: SYSLOG-lpar). 

On two LPARs the extension is not working but on LPARs sharing the same system volume it is working. 


Release : 14.0

Component : View


The client discovered that what caused the issue was that there was a SARFSS task running that was processing output before the SARSTC task (and the related SARSTCUX exit) could get to it. 

The workaround was inclusion, in the SARFSS parameters (virtual printer definition), of the JOBNAME=... (or JOB=...) field, which defines a 1-8 character Jobname. 

Use of the parameter can be found, on pages 189 and 196, of the below documentation:$file/hasa200_v2r3.pdf

Note: The field cannot be wildcarded in any way.