How to create super package to move Robots from one secondary hub to another
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How to create super package to move Robots from one secondary hub to another


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How can I create a superpackage to move robots from one secondary hub to another?


Release : UIM 20.3/20.4

Component : Robot


The most effective/easiest way to accomplish this would be as follows:

1. Choose one robot to be considered as "template" robot -- manually configure this robot using the GUI to point to the appropriate secondary hub as desired.
2. Now, drag-and-drop "controller" probe from this robot down to the 'Archive' node in IM client.

3. Pop-up window appears: check the box marked "configuration only" (it may already be checked), and click on "Rename" and rename the package to something like assign_secondary_hub (or some name of your choosing) and click OK.

3. Now "assign_secondary_hub" package appears in archive.  Right click on this package and choose Edit...  (note: sometimes Edit window appears blank or "hangs up".  If so, right click on same package and choose "Edit..." again, and it will usually fix it.)

4. inside the package you will note controller.cfx file - right click this file, edit it

5. Remove ALL the configuration keys except the ones which pertain to secondary hub/domain and save the file - this screenshot shows the keys wihch are needed.

6. Now you can distribute this package to other robots of the same OS Type and it will automatically update their configuration to match.  You can repeat this process e.g. once for Linux robots, once for Windows, etc as long as you have one "template" robot to use.  


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