ACF2 Compile and Store with NEXTKEY
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ACF2 Compile and Store with NEXTKEY


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An ACF2 RESOURCE rule was broken up into NEXTKEY rules due to its size. A change was made to one of the members and only that member was compiled and stored.  If rule ABC was changed and that rule has a NEXTKEY of ABC1 should both members be compiled and stored? 


Release : 16.0

Component : ACF2 for z/OS


NEXTKEY records will not be compiled and stored automatically when the preceding rule record is compiled and stored. When creating these records for the first time, both members will need to be compiled and stored. When going back and making a change to $KEY(ABC), the NEXTKEY record of $KEY(ABCN1) would only need to be recompiled and stored if it was also modified (changing of the $PREFIX, rule entries, etc). To reduce the amount of commands issued for compiling and storing, you could group all relevant rules into the same PDS and specify the ALL parameter. This will cause all the members in the PDS to be compiled and stored instead of issuing the commands member by member.

In addition to a compile and store, if the resource rule is resident in the INFODIR, then after any changes are made the appropriate F ACF2,REBUILD(xxx) command will also need to be issued for the changes to take effect.