Top Secret CPFRECFL % Full keeps increasing
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Top Secret CPFRECFL % Full keeps increasing


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Top Secret


The value of CPFRECFL in one lpar constantly grows.

What are the reasons why the commands stay in the CPF Recovery File?


Release : 16.0

Component : Top Secret for z/OS


TSS will remove commands from the recovery file only after the
acknowledgement that the commands have been successfully executed at the receiving
If there are communication problems and that notification never occurs
then the commands will remain in the recovery file.  
After waiting for a period of time, if no response is received, the commands are 
left in the Recovery File and the sending system stops waiting to avoid storage problems.

Issue TSS REM(*CPFRECV) CPFNODE(node) to clear commands for that node
out of the CPF recovery file.
The other option (besides removing by node) is removing by date. The command
is TSS REMOVE(*CPFRECV) UNTIL(mm/dd/yy). This will delete all records up to,
and including, the specified date.