TDM Portal - JAVA IO Exception errors in TDMweb logs
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TDM Portal - JAVA IO Exception errors in TDMweb logs


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Our TDM Portal was not responding normally and users could not log in.

I have attached the TDMweb log file for you to review. You will see some errors of type HTTP INTERNAL SERVER ERROR and

Can you tell us what could have happened and how to fix it?


Release : 4.9.1

Component : TDM Web Portal


The cause of this issue is most probably external - from the log files I can see that the execution of the database query against repository took longer time (around 30 seconds) and I guess users didn't wait so long and closed the login page which generated exceptions in the log file (Portal tried to send the result to the browser but it was "not there" anymore). I can only speculate (since I have only Portal log files) about the reason of this slowness but here are some possible candidates: the database server was overloaded (or the query execution was slow for different reason), the network connection between Portal machine and database server was congested or interrupted for a while (so the network communication was slow), the Portal machine was overloaded (high CPU usage - but I didn't see any sign which would support this in Portal log files).