PRD - timeout still occurs in OC session even if you are actively using the tool
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PRD - timeout still occurs in OC session even if you are actively using the tool


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


While interacting with the PRD tool the keep alive timer for OC isn't maintained and after your 30 minutes (or whatever the idle time is set to) you'll get an error indicating that your login is expired even if you'd been interacting with the tool the entire time.


Release : 20.4



UIM provides two token parameters oc.jwt.expiryInSecs and oc.jwt.refreshInterval in the wasp.cfg file that help administrators efficiently manage the user sessions. Each API call will be interrupted, checked and the session will be refreshed based on those parameter values. This is common logic across all the web apps in OC.

In the PRD tool's left hand side panel, when you select host. target etc, there will be a API call for each action. So the token will get refreshed.

But in the right side pane most of the functionality is handled on the browser side. Even though we are thinking that we  are interacting with the application, in reality there will be very few scenarios where we fire an API call. During that time if the time reaches the threshold, the session will expire.

We cannot put the session expiry and refresh logic on the client side to handle it better.

One suggestion we can make at this point in time is to increase the session expiry time by configuring a larger value to the oc.jwt.expiryInSecs parameter.