Sailpoint issues with tsscfile
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Sailpoint issues with tsscfile


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Top Secret


After the maintenance a file created using TSSCFILE sent to

Sailpoint is causing the following error when processed by Sailpoint:

Retrieving file stream was successful, but there was a failure iterating objects. Connector Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Identity attribute [ACID] was not found

It is suspected the maintenance may have changed a field location on the output file.  



Release : 16.0

Component : Top Secret for z/OS


The TSSCFILE utility was enhanced in 2016 to include an environmental record with type '0000'. 
The original enhancement solution is RO92809 which was superseded by solutions SO16290/SO16294.
A description of the enhancement is in the Top Secret documentation Release Notes / New Features section, 
along with a description of the new record in the Reporting / TSSCFILE section.  


The record is required by various Broadcom applications that use the data generated by TSSCFILE and there is
no way to suppress the creation of the record. 

The record if there is no use for it, can be ignored. 
Or use a utility such as SORT or ICETOOL to copy the file and ignore the '0000' record. 
The CFILE output file contains fixed length 300 byte records with the record identifier in relative positions 4-7, 
so it should be a straightforward process to suppress the first record as part of a copy step.