Error:The OS version associated with this policy does not match
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Error:The OS version associated with this policy does not match


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Management Center


After upgrading the ProxySG SGOS version, when VPM is started on the MC, the following error occurs:

The OS version associated with this policy does not match the OS version on the Reference Device.
Mismatched OS versions might cause unexpected behavior when editing the policy.
Saved Policy will inherit OS version from the Reference Device.

The current settings are as follows.

Policy OS version:
   SGOS Proxy Edition
Reference Device OS version:
   SGOS Proxy Edition

Please tell me how to resolve the error.


Release : MC3.1.3.1

Component : upgrade


An error has occurred because the SGOS from the imported VPM and the SGOS after the device upgrade are different versions.


After the SGOS version upgrade, the policy version mismatch can be resolved by the following procedure.

  1. Log in to Management Center
  2. Press Configuration > Policy > Existing Policy (Type is VPM)
  3. Select the Device that has the version you want to match from Visual Policy Manager > Reference Device.
    * Generally, the original Device should be selected.
  4. Press the Launch VPM Editor button.
    * If you press the button, a screen will appear stating that the version is different, but VPM will start as it is.
  5. When VPM starts, do not change anything and press the Save Policy button to save the Policy.
    * When 5 is completed, it will be the policy for the New SGOS version.
  6. For confirmation, Configuration > Policy > Existing Policy > target tab > Select upgraded SG > Install to Target
    * Confirm that the version mismatch error is no longer present.