How to override the Java Agent Extensions loaded through the UMA Autoattach?
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How to override the Java Agent Extensions loaded through the UMA Autoattach?


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We have an application deployment within our Kubernetes cluster that is running on Java.   We also have our Kubernetes cluster instrumented with the Universal Monitoring Agent (UMA).   Unfortunately, the Java application in question is not compatible with the ibm-mq APM extension (known issue).  When UMA auto-attaches to the running Java runtime within our pod, it automatically adds the ibm-mq extension -- which we don't want.

Is there a mechanism (environment variable or annotation) that we can specify on our pod deployment that would allow us to override the list of Java extensions that are applied during the auto-attach?

Here are a couple of things that we tried without success:

Added the following annotations to our pod deployment: "introscope.agent.extensions.bundles.load=<List of extensions>”


As well as setting the following env variables within our pod deployment:


          - name: introscope.agent.extensions.bundles.load

            value: "<List of Extensions>"

          - name: apmenv_autoattach_proactiveMode_agent_extra_properties

            value: "introscope.agent.extensions.bundles.load=<List of Extensions>"

          - name: apmenv_monitor_application_java_extraProperties

            value: "introscope.agent.extensions.bundles.load=<List of Extensions>"  


None of the options listed above appeared to override the list of extensions that there loaded by the Java Agent.


Release : SAAS

Component : Integration with APM


Please enter the below.  Note the "." above versus "_" below

name: apmenv_introscope_agent_extensions_bundles_load

value: NodeExtension,PythonExtension,CppExtension,autoattach,OpenshiftMonitor,HostMonitor,KubernetesRemoteMonitor