Scanners tab of SPE Central console is missing a version column
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Scanners tab of SPE Central console is missing a version column


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Protection Engine for NAS


Within the Central Console of Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) for Network Attached Storage (NAS), the Scanners tab shows a date for virus definitions and last check-in, but des not show a column containing the product version of each SPE scanner.


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Starting on 2/16/2022, the Scanners table changed from having a "SUBTYPE" column to having a "SUBTYPE / VERSION" column.

If for some reason, this column is not displayed properly in a given browser, try clearing cache. 

If clearing cache does not help, attempt the following steps...


To display additional details about SPE for NAS scanners

  1. In chrome browser, Login to CWP Cloud console
  2. Navigate to "Assets" page and select "Scanners" tab. (Refer to Screenshot-1 )
  3. While staying in the same scanner page, Press "F12" to open Chrome developer tools.
  4. Navigate to "Network" tab. (Refer to screenshot-2 )
  5. On the CWP Console, scanner page, click on "Refresh Scanners" icon (Refer to screenshot-1, circled in yellow)

    On the "network" tab of Chrome developer tools window, "nasscanners" API will appear. (Refer to screenshot-2)

  6. Click on "nasscanners" API
  7. When an inline window opens, click on "Preview" tab.

    The preview tab will list by default 10 scanners.

  8. Click on any item within the results array, you will find all the details about the scanner including scanner custom name, product version etc.  (Refer to screenshot-3)






Screenshot-3 (after redaction by author):