Rest API to capture the events on a specific device
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Rest API to capture the events on a specific device


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Is there a way to use the Rest API to get the events generated on a specific device?


Release : 20.2.x, 21.2.x

Component : Spectrum Applications


see POST events (GET Tunneling) chapter on


Sample of application/xml body to be used in the POST call  of URL: http://<OneClick_server>:<portnumber>/spectrum/restful/events/getEvents

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rs:get-event-request throttlesize="10"
 xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../../xsd/Request.xsd ">
<rs:get-events-filter start-time="1641738889000" end-time="1641823962000" subcomponents-events="false" exclude-events="0x10005,0x10219,0x10706" />
<rs:requested-attribute id="0x11f56"/> 
<rs:requested-attribute id="0x11f4e"/> 
<rs:requested-attribute id="0x129fa"/> 
<rs:requested-attribute id="0x1006e"/> 
<rs:requested-attribute id="0x4820007"/> 
<rs:requested-attribute id="0x11fb9"/> 
<rs:requested-attribute id="0x482001b"/> 
<rs:requested-attribute id="0x482001c"/> 
<rs:requested-attribute id="0x10000"/> 
<rs:requested-attribute id="0x11fb8"/> 
<rs:requested-attribute id="0x12c0a"/> 
<!-- Models of Interest -->
<rs:model mh="0x5012dcb"/>
<rs:landscape id="0x5000000" />



start-time= and end-time= in the epoch format. Note: The difference between end time and start time should be less than 7 days.

subcomponents-events  Specifies the events for subcomponents. Set to True if sub-components events are needed.

exclude-events  Specifies the events which are excluded. These events if more than one are separated by coma.

model mh=    model_handle of the device you want to get the events

landscape id=   landscape handle


You can use CURL to launch the above POST rest  as follows:

- copy your body in a .xml file (in my example I copied my resful api  Body in a file called getEventfunction.xml in the folder C:\Users\Documents

- launch the CURL command from the windows command prompt as follow:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -X POST http://<OC_server>:<port>/spectrum/restful/events/getEvents -u spectrum:spectrum --data @C:\Users\Documents\getEventfunction.xml -o output.txt

-H is the Header 

-X POST (you are running a POST rest API call)

http specify your OC server getEvents API functions

-u specify your user/password to login to the OC server

--data  specify the file that contains the body of your call (it should be prefixed by @)

-o specify the output file that  will contain the result of your call