OPSMVS Rexx pointing to Secondary TCPIP Stack
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OPSMVS Rexx pointing to Secondary TCPIP Stack


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We have some rexx code that calls TCPIP.  On a few systems we run 2 TCPIP Stacks (TCPIP and TCPIP02).  Currently the code uses the TCPIP stack.  We have a new requirement to point the code to the TCPIP02 stack.   What needs to be done to use the other stack?  


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


The answer is dependent upon whether everything in that OPS/MVS region needs to point to the TCPIP04 stack, or just certain REXX programs.

If everything in the region needs to use TCPIP02, then add the SYSTCPD DD to the OPS/MVS STC and point to the correct TCP stack DSN as follows: 


Note - Use the TSO ALLOCATE command if the region cannot be cycled right away. 

But if only certain REXX programs need to point to the other stack, then free SYSTCPD and re-allocate pointing to the correct TCPIP where the REXX is executed.  This can also be done dynamically.  Consider whether the REXX programs run in OPSMAIN STC, OPSOSF STC, or batch job.