Actual transactions: 'Note' field from PPA_WIP is missing
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Actual transactions: 'Note' field from PPA_WIP is missing


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In Modern UX, Financials Module, 'Actual Transactions' grid, the 'Note' field that is on the actual transactions is not able to be seen nor used.

The field can be seen and used in the Classic when transactions are created. 

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create some Financial Manual or Voucher Transactions with a Note and Post to WIP
  2. View the manual transactions in Classic - see the Note
  3. Go to Modern UX, Financials Module, 'Actual Transactions' grid
  4. Open the Column Panel and look for the 'Note' Field 

Expected Results: To have the 'Note' field from WIP available in Modern UX 'Actual Transactions' grid. 

Actual Results: The 'Note' field is not available in the Modern UX 'Actual Transactions' grid.  




Fixed in 16.0.2 and also 16.0.1 patch 1.


The label for the 'Note' field is not translated and will see the [en: Note] label for the languages.
Porting the fix into the patch is limited and translations are not available. The label will be translated in the main release on 16.0.2.

When porting the fix to the requested patch, it was found that the "Translation process and infrastructure" is not defined for a patch, and due to which the field label shows up in pseudo-translated format (for e.g. in German as [de: Note],and even for an english user as [en: Note]). The team tried to see if there is any way to get the translation included (as it is already a translated string in trunk branch), but not able to resolve it.