Subset screen display messed up
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Subset screen display messed up


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Subset screen display messed up in the version. When in Subset and click on Create Table as Select, more words/info comes up but cannot read properly. Tried increasing the window size but can not increase it.

 Here are the steps to reproduce:

. Launch the GTSubset

. Select the Execute SQL option "Build MS SQL Server Direct Insert SQL" and execute it, which open the below window and the text shows fine.

. Click on the "Create Table As Select"  checkbox and you see the display messed up as below.

. Close the window and Execute SQL option "Build MS SQL Server Direct Insert SQL" again then the text shows fine.


Release :

Component : GT Subset




The issue is fixed in the latest version If anyone facing the issue, please open a support case and request the or later.

Additional Information

For troubleshooting the issue, can try the below options and see the issue can be resolved with the existing version of Subset.

. Check your user accessibility options? This can happen when the text is set to be larger. Control Panel-> All Control Panel Items-> Display-> Set custom text size. 
. Try, Settings" => "System" => "Tablet mode" => Disable the Tablet mode
. Try right clicking on gtsubset.exe - > properties-> compatibility and try running compatibility for Windows by setting the option run in 640X480 screen resolution?