Can zero or Null data from Benefit Plan be stored in slice tables?
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Can zero or Null data from Benefit Plan be stored in slice tables?


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For the Benefit plans, as per the Out Of The Box functionality when a new plan is created the entries in Benefit plan details are created with null values, and the individual TSV values will be changed from null to 0 when one of the column is updated with a value. 

In the current way of storing data for cost/benefit plans there is no data stored in the database in case of null hence it is not possible to fetch the same in a query. 

We have a requirement where the business wants to classify whether a particular benefit plan was updated with some value for current year or not (if a PM has updated benefit plan with a zero value, the TSV value should show zero and if they have not updated the benefit plan the TSV columns should show null not zero). 
Can you please help us to check if classification like this is possible?


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When a Benefit plan is first created and is not populated then the TSV values are all null.

'FIN_BENEFIT_PLAN_DETAILS' table also display 'Total_Benefit' column as (null).

However once it is populated with a zero then the column 'Total_Benefit' is populated with a zero
The slice tables however do not populate zero  or null values.