Banner RA Agent Remains in STOPPED status
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Banner RA Agent Remains in STOPPED status


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


When attempting to start a Banner RA agent it remains in a STOPPED status. Review of the AgentService log from the Banner agent with debug enabled shows no error messages .


The AgentSerivce log from the Banner agent shows no error messages with debug enabled. However, it can be noted in the AgentService log with debug enabled, the last steps shown during the Banner agent startup are seen...

01/28/22 16:32:02.460 AgentService: BannerAgentImpl: Banner agent source file: /u01/app/appmgr/Banner/TEST/

01/28/22 16:32:02.464 AgentService: BannerAgentImpl: sourceEnvFile

01/28/22 16:32:02.464 AgentService: BannerAgentImpl: Sourcing file /u01/app/appmgr/Banner/Banner/TEST/

01/28/22 16:32:02.467 AgentService: BannerAgentImpl: OS:Linux

01/28/22 16:32:02.473 AgentService: BannerAgentImpl: Set read permission.

01/28/22 16:32:02.479 AgentService: BannerAgentImpl: Executing:sh /tmp/src12345678900000.bat

01/28/22 16:32:02.494 AgentService: BannerAgentImpl: Wait for process

The log indicates that the startup up of the agent is waiting on the banenv script execution to be complete.

The next troubleshooting step is to call the directly from the command line. In this example it was found that the required interactive prompts which halted the Banner agent startup.



Ensure the no interactive prompts are required when calling the banner environment source file.