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If I Google(TM) "CA VIEW MANUALS SARDBI23", I am directed to this web address which gives me exactly the information I am looking for:

When I access the Support Portal I cannot find this same, very useful information anywhere.  Using the same above search for product View, I get response "No information found".   

I also tried doing a search on the Knowledge Base, on the same error message, but the search comes back with much unrelated information on other products.

In general, I find that the search engine on the Support Portal has declined immensely, is too difficult to use and does not allow you to find specific information quickly and directly, like it used to in the STAR days.

If you can tell me the best way to access Knowledge Base articles for a specific product (as you used to) it would be very helpful.


Release : 14.0

Component :


Prior to 2/5/22, at the Broadcom Support site, please do the following:

 . Choose "Mainframe Software". 
 . Choose "Product Information". 
 . In the Search box, type in "Deliver". 
 . Under "Knowledge Base Articles", scroll down and click on "See All Articles".
 . In the "Search Results" box, type in "SARDBI23 90%". 

Using the above, the same article was made to appear at the top of the list of articles. 

Prior to 2/5/22, the View link was broken, and had been asked to be fixed. 

Prior to 2/5/22, look under "Deliver" for the View articles. 

The Broadcom Support Site will change on 2/5/22. 

On the new site, it will be easier to find Knowledge Articles based on Keyword matching.