CA 7 Meaning of message QM00-84 JOB xxxx NOT FOUND ON CA7AGNT VSAM FILE
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CA 7 Meaning of message QM00-84 JOB xxxx NOT FOUND ON CA7AGNT VSAM FILE


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CA 7 Workload Automation


What is the meaning of message QM00-84  JOB xxxx  NOT FOUND ON CA7AGNT VSAM FILE



Release : 12.1

Component : CA 7


When an agent job request is sent to an agent, the 'identifier' is called a WOB ID. It includes the job name, CA 7 job number, the system name, SCHID and a date/time stamp. If the system name has special characters it will cause the message to come out and you will be unable to retrieve spool file.

To resolve this make sure the SYSTEM name in the job definition field does not have special characters. The name should be 1 - 8 alphanumeric characters.

Regarding receiving the QM00-84 message the most likely reason is that job 500 was in the REQ queue at the time you issued the command.  By default the AGFILE,JOB=jobname command will attempt to do a SPOOL RETRIEVAL on the most recent job it finds with that jobname.  But if the agent where the jobname/jobno is to execute has NOT yet sent any feedback to CA 7 then no entry is written to the CA7AGNT file, so there is no SPOOL data yet to retrieve.


Issue a AGFILE,JOB=jobname,LIST=ALL to get a list of all jobs for that jobname.  If you look at the AGFILE Examples in the CA 7 documentation you will see a list of valid two character values you can specify in the 'F' column.  The most common are IN (which just goes against the CA7AGNTfile) and GS (which sends a request to the agent to return the SPOOL data)



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