Gen CALL EXTERNAL "ERROR...[ XC/0]" return code meaning
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Gen CALL EXTERNAL "ERROR...[ XC/0]" return code meaning


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When testing with SoapUI if CALL EXTERNAL fails the error message in the response typically has this format:
ERROR CAB_NAME@0000000001,0022020101,0 NNN [  XC/0]
The NNN can vary so is there a list of reasons for each return code value?


Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Workstation Toolset


All CALL EXTERNAL error return codes start with 3 and correspond to Gen TIRM3nnE errors.
A full list of TIRM3nnE messages can be found under the Runtime Messages > Common Runtime Messages TIRM000E - TIRM599E  section of the Gen techdocs i.e. starting here for 301 with TIRM301E.

The error codes are also listed in the file tirabrt.h found in the Gen installation directory "%Gen86%\Gen"