IDM Installer unable to execute script in /tmp. Cannot run program "/tmp/885012.tmp/executeScriptTmp
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IDM Installer unable to execute script in /tmp. Cannot run program "/tmp/885012.tmp/executeScriptTmp


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CA Identity Manager


Is it possible to change the tmp location used by the IDM app server installer on Linux? Our production Linux servers are required to use the "noexec" mount option for /tmp. This prevents the IDM installer from running.

Example error: Cannot run program "/tmp/885012.tmp/executeScriptTmp": error=13, Permission denied

Is there any options available to point the installer to a different /tmp location? Is this configurable with the IDM installer?


Release : 14.3

Component :


Use the IATEMPDIR variable.

The /tmp folder is used by the Install Anywhere IDM installer to place several temporary IDM files during installation. Install Anywhere (the Software used to build the IM installer) uses an environment variable called IATEMPDIR to assign the location of a temp directory for use during installation.

If neither the /tmp or /home/username directories have sufficient free space for the required operations, the installation process will fail.

If you have access to another drive or partition with more free space, you can set a new temp directory using the following two commands:
setenv IATEMPDIR /pathname (for Unix) where pathname represents a writable directory with more free space available than the two default directories.

As a general rule, the space requirement is about 3 times the size of the .exe files.

It is important to ensure that the IATEMPDIR variable is set in the parent shell of the IM installer.


Backup Unix system

setenv IATEMPDIR /<your_pathname>

Ensure that new path has enough drive space.

cd to IM installer's path

./ca-im-r14.4-sol.bin -i console (will run into Console mode)