PIM -- Snap Shot Job in PUPM takes too long to complete
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PIM -- Snap Shot Job in PUPM takes too long to complete


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CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


This task which produces our daily usage report is now running over 24 hours and the run for the prior day is running over the next day’s run.  

Not sure if this is something where Broadcom can assist or not?  Is there cleanup on our DB side possibly?




Release : 12.8 12.9

Component : CA ControlMinder - Unix


Modify the sam_rdb.xml as seen here to remove the unnecessary data from the daily snaphot job


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<IMRExport xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"

<!-- ===================================================================-->
<!-- ATTENTION:To disabled collector just add the remark tags  from     -->
<!-- before export start tag(<export) and after export end  tag         --> 
<!-- (</export>) for specific collector.                                -->
<!-- ===================================================================-->

<!-- The RDB collectors will export data according to a filtering in    -->
<!-- Where clause in the value section.<value op="EQUALS">*</value>     --> 
<!-- For example you can replace this wildcard '*' to 'a*' that mean is -->
<!-- to return all users that start with a.                             --> 
<!-- The export attributes element that enable to export attributes     -->
<!-- like users,groups,roleadmins,rolemembers and more you can find in  -->
<!-- documentation on this product.                                     -->
<!-- A special attribute <exportattr attr="|rules|" /> if this          -->
<!-- attribute is set in the role section that mean the system will     -->
<!-- use the role that you configure in the Enterprise Management under -->
<!-- the Users And Groups -> Roles in the members TAB (Member Policies) -->
<!-- If the member policies is set to (all) the system will take all    -->
<!-- users that all ready extracted  and connect with this role         --> 
<!-- No LDAP query is needed.                                           -->

    <!--  RDB COLLECTORS -->
    <export object="user">
        <where attr="%FIRST_NAME%" satisfy="ANY">
            <value op="EQUALS">*</value>

    <export object="group">
        <where attr="%GROUP_NAME%" satisfy="ANY">
            <value op="EQUALS">*</value>
        <exportattr attr="|groupmembers|"/>

    <export object="com.ca.ppm.export.RolesCollector">
        <where attr="name" satisfy="ANY">
            <value op="CONTAINS">*</value>
        <exportattr attr="|rolemembers|"/>
 <export object="com.ca.ppm.export.AccountPasswordCollector">

 <export object="com.ca.ppm.export.PPMRolesCollector">  

 <export object="com.ca.ppm.export.PPMAuditCollector">
 <export object="com.ca.ppm.export.PrivilegedAccountExceptionCollector">
 <export object="com.ca.ppm.export.PPMPasswordPolicyCollector">

    <export object="com.ca.ppm.export.UsersAccessToAccountsCollector">