CWP for Storage shows usage limit has been reached
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CWP for Storage shows usage limit has been reached


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Cloud Workload Protection for Storage


Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) for Storage shows usage limit has been reached

In the Central console for CWP for Storage, a message similar to one of the following appears:

  • Se agoto el uso prepagado de CWP for Storage
  • CWP for Storage Prepaid Usage Sold Out


One or more CWP for Storage Controller Units installed into one or more AWS EC2 instances.


That much scanning took place. CWP for Storage counts bytes scanned after extracting the archived file.



Every time Support and Engineering investigated, the number of bytes scanned was actually used.


Next Steps:

To review Usage in the Central console

  1. In the CWP Portal, Go to Settings -> Subscription and Usage -> select service as "Storage AV"
  2. Select the specific domain from the domain drop down menu (for viewing the usage for all the domains, select "All" from the dropdown menu)
  3. From the "Download Usage for Period" section, select the start date and end date for the period you want to download the usage
  4. Click "Download". 

To further challenge usage, consult your Sales team or create a case for Global Customer Assistance (GCA).



Additional Information

CWP for Storage sends email notifications about usage consumption when usage limit crosses 80%, 90% and 100% of the renewal quantity and notes those usage threshholds in the product notification page.

If over-usage occurs, the over-usage becomes part of the renewal for the product.