Topology is being deleted
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Topology is being deleted


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Summary: Services are set up with criteria in a specific topology. Over time, the criteria appears to be removed and the topological relationships are removed. What is causing this?

Several service names are not functioning. When I look at service definitions, many of them are missing the criteria that we had originally them up with.



Release : SAAS

Component : Integration with APM


Restmon is working as designed: topology ingested via restmon will expire after a fixed time, and it needs to be refreshed from the source before it expires. Google Cloud is done through a streaming schema, so restmon has no control over when the data is sent. The source product will send updates when there is any new activity on the alerts and the topology will be recreated then. 

 Note: You can set a TTL value of upto a year (to be set in minutes as 525600), but that would require Restmon 2.1 or later. In prior releases, you can set a TTL of max 30 days.

The workaround for this would be to ingest the topology with a much larger TTL, so that the topology does not expire automatically. To do so, edit the profile configuration:

1. Open restmon.json in from <restmon configuration folder>\config (or use the restmon APIs to change the config)

2. Find the profile for Google Cloud, or whichever profiles you are seeing the issue for.

3. Increase the value of topology_ttl_mins