PMV052 Load of module RDXH failed Abend 00000806
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PMV052 Load of module RDXH failed Abend 00000806


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Smart Restart


Run the SMP/E install Jobs to install the Smart/RESTART 20.0 product.
Testing Smart Jobstream Series Administration Facility.
In Option '2  Monitor     - Start the Smart/MONITOR ISPF Dialog'.
Getting error message PMV052.  
PMV052 - Load of module RDXH failed.  Abend = 00000806 Reason = 00000004
Why is the RDXH load module necessary to start Smart/MONITOR to monitor the Smart/RRSAF IVP Jobs?. 
RDXH load module is a load module for RDX Product.


Smart/MONITOR does not require RDX Product, however Smart/MONITOR requires RDXH load module for REXX initialization. RDXH load module has to be installed
with FMID CRDXK00. So if you want to avoid the PMV052 error message you have to be sure the FMID CRDXK00 was selected when the Smart/RESTART 20.0 is installed.