Virtual IP for CA API Portal two nodes
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Virtual IP for CA API Portal two nodes


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CA API Developer Portal


Is there is an option to setup Virtual IP failover for two CA API Developer portal nodes?

Instead of the API GW to point to single portal node for services like apim , portal, analytics, enroll etc. to point to Virtual IP instead which can redirect to available node transparently ?    

Both portal point to there own PortalDB 


Release : 4.4

Component :


That will not work - If the Gateway is going to talk a LB or Virtual IP address that can go to two different portals (using different DB) this will fail on certificates and internal ID’s used during sync 




The supported scenario is the following link 

Load balance to two portals that share the same portalDB (Note the certs must be copied to the second portal) 

High Availability Portal Deployment on Kubernetes