Masking Address with realistic address within same area
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Masking Address with realistic address within same area


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Problem Statement:

US Address line 1 and Address line 2 needs to be masked with an actual address. The masked address should come under the same city and state which is available, and people with the same address should have the same masked address.


How do I achieve this in the TDM portal?

Is there any option to create a custom masking function programmatically to get this functionality done? 

We have two requirements:

1. Rebuild our seed list in repository with Govt provided address file.

2. Using the seed list in such a way that for any geographic location, the replacement values must be related to other addresses in the same way the original data is related. e.g. In our database, If a member has 3 family members with the same address, the replacement address should be within the same city, and similarly (or preferably) all 3 family members' addresses should be at least from the same/nearby locations from the same city.

If the solution for the above is possible, can the address be made unique?


Release : 4.9.1

Component : Web Portal - Data Masking


You would need to use HASLOV or possibly HASLOV1 as your masking function. How the function is configured is based on how your data is structured. The challenge is going to be identifying all family members, but if there is some type of unique identifier from the parent to dependent, then this should be doable. We have other customers doing something very similar.

Please look at the Masking Function and Parameters Reference, located at