DB905501 messages at CV startup
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DB905501 messages at CV startup


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An IDMS CV displays messages similar to these at startup:

 12.40.17 STC26419  DB905501 ALLOC8-035I RETURN CODE-(04) ERR CODE-(  1708INFO CODE-(  000                     
12.40.17 STC26419  DB905501 ALLOC8-036E PRD0F148 DSN=ADI.TST.PRD0F148,DISP=SHR
 12.40.17 STC26419  IDMS DC205017 V90 T1 Dynamic allocation error; DAYBOOK.PRD0F148            Reason Code 080A
12.40.17 STC26419  IDMS DC205017 V90 T1 DDN=PRD0F148 DSN=ADI.TST.PRD0F148
12.40.17 STC26419  IDMS DC205019 V90 T1 IOSTATUS=3030 VERB=017 ERRSW=002 MOD=033 IOP=1C78B488
12.40.17 STC26419  IDMS DC200007 V90 T1 3005 Error Accessing Area - Not Available. DAYBOOK.FN-AREA-148


Release : Any supported release.
Component : IDMS/DB


Dynamic allocation of a database file results in the attempted allocation of a physical dataset which does not exist. 


The DB905501 is not an IDMS message. It is coming from a third-party tool called ALLOC8 from Precisely (formerly Cogito).

It is performing dynamic allocation, where a physical dataset name is generated according to certain rules put in place by the user, and in this case, the resulting dataset name does not exist.

After this has occurred, IDMS sees that it now has a dataset name to use and attempts its own dynamic allocation but also fails for the same reason - it doesn't exist. That is what the DC205017 messages (which do come from IDMS) indicate.