Automic installation no longer able to stop start components individually
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Automic installation no longer able to stop start components individually


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


We have an installation of Automic which we converted to run as non-root.

After this change we can still stop and start automic using the full start and stop commands

 /automic/Automation.Platform/ServiceManager/bin/automicsm start
 /automic/Automation.Platform/ServiceManager/bin/automicsm stop

but we can no longer stop and start individual components using the ucybsmcl command

 $ ./ucybsmcl -c STOP_PROCESS -h XXXXXXX:8871 -n Automic -s Tomcat
 connect: Connection refused
 *ERROR 2* Pipe returned error
 Connection refused

 [error code returned = 2 ]

Error code 2 suggests the server is not listening which it is not, (nothing listen ing on 8871)

During the 'de-rooting' we removed the /opt/CA stuff because it was running as root.

How do we return the capability to stop and start individual components to normal function?

We cannot have processes running previously under /opt/CA as root or indeed in that directory (root owned)


Release : 12.3



There were multiple issues

1.The servicemanager was not updating the logs

2. The ucybsmcl was not able to list process or stop/start individual services

The automic engine was started with automicsm script

Noticed that the servicemanager was referring to AE.ini and phrase AE

The INI was nonexistent

The system name as per ucsrv.ini was "AUTOMIC"


Edited the servicemanager INI file and updated the definition files with the correct path

Also, the CAPKI key and certificate definition was updated with the correct patch

We updated the automicsm script to start with the correct INI file and the phrase

Restarted the automation engine

Now the log files were updated

The service manager client was still not showing the process list

We added the following in the environment settings




Ran the following command and it listed process fine

 ./ucybsmcl -c c GET_PROCESS_LIST -h XXXXXXX:8871 -n AUTOMIC

We were also able to stop and start individual services as well.