Gen CALL EXTERNAL optional response fields "ERROR CAB_NAME@...,...,0 305 [ XC/0]"
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Gen CALL EXTERNAL optional response fields "ERROR CAB_NAME@...,...,0 305 [ XC/0]"


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We have a SOAP web service from one of the providers whose wsdl has all the response elements/attributes defined as optional with "minOccurs=0", which means that when any of those values has no data, the corresponding element does not appear in the response. 
When using CALL EXTERNAL to consume the web service wsdl if some elements are not returned in the response this error occurs:
ERROR CAB_NAME@0000000001,0022020101,0 305 [  XC/0]
Is there a way that CALL EXTERNAL can parse the wsdl so that it can handle the optional response attributes?


Release : 8.63

Component : CA Gen Workstation Toolset


The optional response attributes can be handled by changing the export attribute views (mapped to the optional elements/attributes) to have the "nullable" property enabled.
To set the "nullable" property right click at the export view name level and select "Detail -> View Maintenance".
On each attribute use right click and "Edit" to set "Nullable".

Additional Information

All CALL EXTERNAL error return codes start with 3 and correspond to Gen TIRM3nnE errors.
A full list of TIRM3nnE messages can be found under the Runtime Messages > Common Runtime Messages TIRM000E - TIRM599E  section of the Gen techdocs.
For example for 305, TIRM305E shows:
TIRM305E - Error could not locate value trying to perform external call
Last Updated January 6, 2022

Type: Fatal Error
This message indicates that Gen does not locate a required value. This occurs if a remote API returns null or does not return an expected value.
Check that all nullable values are correctly indicated in your views and regenerate the code.

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