WebApp not working with OC server hostname/FQDN containing "-" chars
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WebApp not working with OC server hostname/FQDN containing "-" chars


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CA Spectrum


If your OC server hotsname/FQDN name contains "-" your webapp may not work. After you login to OC web page and click on webapp, the application is started and closed and the login OC web page is displayed back.

The webswing log does not contain error, just only that the session is closed.

2021-12-16 15:02:00,765 INFO  [Webswing Process Handler] (SwingProcessImpl.java:372) [oneclickwebapp_anonym_522232419eee_1639663319577] INFO: Dispatching 2 queued messages.
2021-12-16 15:02:05,079 INFO  [https-jsse-nio-9443-exec-7] (ApplicationWebSocketConnectionImpl.java:141) Websocket closed to app, instance [oneclickwebapp_anonym_522232419eee_1639663319577], close code [1000], reason [null]!
2021-12-16 15:02:05,164 INFO  [Webswing Process Handler] (SwingProcessImpl.java:372) [oneclickwebapp_anonym_522232419eee_1639663319577] INFO: Disconnecting websocket to server [wss://<hostName>:9443/spectrum/oneclickwebapp/async/app-bin?instanceId=oneclickwebapp_anonym_522232419eee_1639663319577&sessionPoolId=default-pool&reconnect=false].
2021-12-16 15:02:05,164 INFO  [Webswing Process Handler] (SwingProcessImpl.java:372) [oneclickwebapp_anonym_522232419eee_1639663319577] ERROR: Websocket closed to server [wss://<hostName>:9443/spectrum/oneclickwebapp/async/app-bin?instanceId=oneclickwebapp_anonym_522232419eee_1639663319577&sessionPoolId=default-pool&reconnect=false], close code [1000], reason []!
2021-12-16 15:02:05,464 INFO  [Webswing Process Handler] (SwingProcessImpl.java:203) [oneclickwebapp_anonym_522232419eee_1639663319577] app process terminated. 
2021-12-16 15:02:05,473 INFO  [Webswing Process Handler] (SwingProcessServiceImpl.java:339) Transfer dir for session [oneclickwebapp_anonym_522232419eee_1639663319577] cleared. [/opt/ca/Spectrum/webtomcat/bin/anonym/upload]
2021-12-16 15:02:05,474 INFO  [https-jsse-nio-9443-exec-8] (BrowserWebSocketConnectionImpl.java:181) Websocket to browser closed, session [1], close code [1000], reason [Application disconnected!]!


Release : 21.2.x

Component : Spectrum OneClick


work-around: modify the webswing.config and specify the -host and other parameters.

For example in case of SSL (https) connections:

"args" : " -compress 9 -host <OC_IP> -port 8443 -ssl true -contextPort 43000 -model_bits 20 -isWebSwing yes",

where <OC_IP> is the ip address of your OC server box.


For Huge Landscape => model_bits value is 24

For Legacy Landscape => model_bits value is 20

You can find the -model_bits used by OneClick Tomcat downloading the oneclick.jnlp file (through start console) and searching for the "model_bits" parameter into it. Set the same value in webswing.config. 


The engineering is going to fix the issue in main Spectrum release post 21.2.8