Broadcom/AppNeta Support FAQ's
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Broadcom/AppNeta Support FAQ's


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AppNeta is now part of Broadcom Software’s Agile Operations Division.  As of February 7th, 2022 support functions have moved to the Broadcom Support Portal. 

This also includes AppNeta Documentation and Online Academy Courses which can be found in the Broadcom Tech Docs Portal and Academy Portal.

This article covers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to AppNeta. 


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How do I register for a Support User Account?

How can I request my Broadcom SiteID?  What if I can’t find my SiteID?

  • You will receive an email from Broadcom with your new SiteID.  If you did not receive it or if you cannot find your SiteID, use the Support SiteID Request Form.

Can I email to open a case?

  • We offer two ways to open a case, phone (1-800-225-5224) and Broadcom Support Portal.  We do not allow support cases to be created via email. Once a support case is open, email can be used to provide updates to the case.
  • Remember to have your Broadcom SiteID available when phoning in to open a case

How do I open a case on the Broadcom Support portal? What Information is Required?

  • Sign in at the Broadcom Support Portal 
  • For more information about how to open a case and what information is needed please visit the “Broadcom Software Maintenance Policy Handbook“ link on the Broadcom Support Policies page and review the section on “Case Handling”, here you will find subsections on “Opening a Case” and “Information Required”

How do I open a severity 1 case?

  • All severity 1 cases must be opened by calling the call center at 1-800-225-5224
  • Severity 1 indicates that the production environment is affected.  Broadcom provides 24/7 support for all Severity 1 issues
  • If you are outside the United States please reference the following directory for your local support telephone number.

Where do I go to access, review and update my current cases with Broadcom Support?

How do I contact the support engineer assigned to my case?

  • Similar to the above, access your open support cases through the Broadcom Support Portal where you can provide updates to the support team.

How do I access Documentation, Knowledge Based Articles, and Other Similar Information?

  • AppNeta Product Documentation can be searched in the search bar found at the top of the Support Portal Page or browsed directly at
  • AppNeta Online Courses are available with a Support User Account in the Broadcom Software Academy.
  • AppNeta Online Courses are also available in the Learning@Broadcom portal, launched from the Education card on the Support Portal.
    • A Support User Account upgraded with an AppNeta entitlement is required to access AppNeta courses in Learning@Broadcom.

What is an entitlement?

  • Entitlement refers to maintenance access to your Broadcom software. (support, product updates, and technical documentation)

What happens if I can’t see my product entitlement listed in the portal when opening a case?

  • Open a case under the support portal option.  A Customer Assistance representative will research the issue and get back to you.