View - SARINIT parameters FEATURE=10 and FEATURE=11 are not documented
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View - SARINIT parameters FEATURE=10 and FEATURE=11 are not documented


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We noticed on a few of our VIEW R14.0 databases that we have SARINIT FEATURE=10 turned on, and we can't find anything in the manual to tell us what the designation 10 or 11 produce.

We plan to turn on FEATURE=19 with new maintenance. 

The manual states that it we do FEATURE=10,19, that it will leave both features active. 

If we did only FEATURE=19, will it remove the FEATURE=10 that is already active and only use FEATURE=19.


Release : 14.0

Component : View



 . Previously, under SARSTC and in SARBCH, a S722 abend could occur when trying to print a sysout larger than 16 million lines. 

 . FEATURE=10 allowed for a setting of SARINIT OUTLIM=0, meaning that there would be no reprint line limit. 

 . Since then, this allowance was sourced into SARSTC and SARBCH, thus eliminating the need for use of the FEATURE=10. 


 . Exits SARSTCUX and SARFVCUX preiously were called with an entry code of 4 and passed the print line after modification for machine carriage control. 

 . In View 2.0, the original print line was passed before the modification for machine carriage control. 

 . With this, an entry code of 12 was implemented which passed the print line before the carriage control modification. 

 . This was sourced into the exits in View 11.5, and for View 11.0 only was there use of FEATURE=11. 

So, as both FEATURES were sourced to the regular code, they were eliminated as FEATURES. 


Setting SARINIT FEATURE=10,19 and FEATURE=19 yield the same result. 

Mentioning FEATURE=10, or 11, is simply ignored.