Modern Timesheets with JAWS
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Modern Timesheets with JAWS


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Using JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen reader, the Clarity Modern Timesheets is not accessible.
The JAWS configuration on table is already set.

The following issues were reported:
-When pressing the T key, arrow keys left and right JAWS just says 'no table'; Table tags are not implemented properly.
-When entering time, the screen reader does not dictate the project information and date of entry.


1. Go to 
to obtain the updated/latest version of JAWS

2. With 16.1.1 testing and still having the above issues exist, upgrade to version 16.1.2.
In this version, the callouts/table tags do work.

If there is any issue reported, please open a case with Support.


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