OMVS Segment On Top Secret ACIDs
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OMVS Segment On Top Secret ACIDs


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Top Secret


The OMVS segment on ACIDs is populated with the fields below. When are a HOME and OMVSPGM value needed? Some ACIDs have HOME(xxxx) omvspgm(/yyyy), while other ACIDs have HOME(aaaa) omvspgm(/bbbb). What should the standard OMVS segment look like for FTP users, SYSPROGS, and other general users.



Release : 16.0

Component : Top Secret for z/OS


The minimum fields required to access OMVS are: UID, GROUP, and DFLTGRP. This is regardless of whether it's an FTP user, a systems programmer, or general user.

With HOME, a session or batch job that enters a USS shell or uses a USS callable service performs an implicit change-directory command to the HOME directory.

OMVSPGM defines the user's UNIX System Services shell program started when the OMVS command is entered or when a UNIX System Services batch job is started using the BPXBATCH program.

It is up to the site to decide which ACIDs will have HOME and/or OMVSPGM and the values for each. These are optional fields. Neither is required by the security product or OMVS. 

The UNIQUSER and MODLUSER control options control whether or not default OMVS fields are assigned to ACIDs that do NOT have any OMVS fields. Any ACIDs that currently have any OMVS fields will not go through this default processing. 

For more information on the UNIQUSER and MODLUSER control options, see:

UNIQUSER—Assign a UID Automatically During OMVS Logon

MODLUSER—Identify an OMVS Model User