Sizing and scalability recommendations for IT Analytics
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Sizing and scalability recommendations for IT Analytics


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The Symantec IT Analytics (ITA) platform is an ecosystem comprised of multiple architectural components that work together to provide robust reporting and analytics for Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Endpoint Protection (SEP), and IT Management Suite (ITMS). Before the solution is deployed, several decisions need to be made about the best way to configure the IT Analytics components for your particular environment. When designing the environment, there are several effective architectural design options available. Symantec recommends that customers adhere to one of two basic architectures for deploying IT Analytics:

  • Single Server
  • Distributed Server


Release: 2.9.1

Component: Microsoft SQL Server


Before choosing the type of architecture necessary for IT Analytics, the target environment must be assessed to determine what sized group it will fall into. The following are general classifications for most customer environments, based on their number of incidents and events. Depending on specific customer circumstances, the appropriate hardware may vary. Although IT Analytics Servers and SQL Analysis Services can be installed on most hardware and/or architecture, using higher-performance hardware allows IT Analytics Servers to operate faster. In order to size the environment correctly, it is important to understand the frequency at which reports will be run and the expected age of the data in those reports. While some resources are consumed when a report is run, there is a more significant impact when IT Analytics Server processes the product data to be stored in the analysis cube. In most cases, the hardware necessary to process the data at the desired frequency is more than enough to provide the appropriate performance needed to run the reports.

The hardware recommendations provided in the attached Sizing and Scalability Recommendations guide for ITA (DLP and SEP) describe the various factors that should be taken into consideration when determining the distribution and hardware resources appropriate for a given environment. When installing IT Analytics Solution for SMP (or ITMS), the server on which the IT Analytics solution will be installed must meet the specific hardware requirements that are defined in the IT Management Suite Planning and Implementation Guide.


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