How do I move over the User views from Windows to WEBui?
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How do I move over the User views from Windows to WEBui?


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Any tools to convert these?


Release : 14.1

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


There is a conversion tool to transfer the user views.

Import User View
Web Client allows you to import user views from Windows Client one at a time, or to import all user views from the respective Windows Client database. Export user views or the database with user views from Windows Client to your PC or mainframe, and select one of the options to import user views in the Windows Client.
Import a local file:
To import an .mdb file stored on your local system:
Select IMPORT from the UserID icon.
1). Select File and browse to the user view you want to import.
The maximum size for local files is 25 MB.
Select users that can access the user view.
At least one user must be selected to enable the user view import. If you use the same user for different hosts, keep your username selected.
2). Select Import
.Your user view is now available in Web Client.