Unable to filter for all Inactive investments in To Dos
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Unable to filter for all Inactive investments in To Dos


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After logging in to the Modern UX (MUX) you click on the To Dos icon in the menu.  In the Investments tab you create a filter with Active=All.  You are expecting to see the To Dos for both Inactive and Active Investments however you only see Active Investments.

This also happens with trying to filter with Template = All

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a custom investment
  2. Create a new blueprint for the CIT
  3. Edit the Blueprint and add the To Dos module
  4. Create a new custom investment instance, and set the Blueprint to the Blueprint created above
  5. Add a To Do
  6. Inactivate the custom investment
  7. Go to the To Dos module and filter on Active = All

Expected results: The To Do appears for the inactive custom investment

Actual results:  The To Do does not display for the inactive custom investment


Known limitation


There are Implied filters in To Dos>>Investments

  • Active=TRUE
  • Template=FALSE

These filters will only work for Yes or  No. Technically you can filter on 'all' but what it is doing, is it is giving you ALL based on the hidden pre-filter. so it acts the same as selecting 'yes' for active and 'no' for template'.

This is a known limitation in Clarity - check KB on view pre-filter design and workarounds : Clarity MUX Pre-Filters