Tasks 'Assigned Resources' field not working with Widgets filtering
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Tasks 'Assigned Resources' field not working with Widgets filtering


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The 'Assigned Resources' field on the Task Object has an issue when it is used with any Widget.

  • When there are Widgets added to the view and the option to 'Filter Widgets' is enabled, you see a Toast warning message and the widget does not filter the data.
  • When you create a Widget and within the widget configuration, in the 'Only Include...' (filter) section, you select the 'Assigned Resources' field, the pull-down does not have any values to select for the widget configuration.

The 'Assigned Resources' field appears in the following places:

  • Inside an Investment
  • In the Tasks Module
  • In the Related-Object Workspaces (R-O):
    • To Dos Workspace for Tasks
    • Tasks Workspace
    • Staffing Workspace (Staff Grid and Allocations Timeline).


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Tasks Module
  2. Set the general filter: Assigned Resources = Current User and save the View
  3. By default the 'Filter Widgets' option is turned on; be sure it is on/enabled
  4. Click 'Manage Widgets'
  5. Create a simple Tile Widget to Count records
    • Title = Count
    • Type = Count
    • Click the 'Create' button
  6. Click the 'Add' button to add the new widget to the view 

Expected Results: The 'Assigned Resources' field should work with Widgets in the 'Filter Widget' option and in the configuration of the widget. 

Actual Results:

  1. A Toast warning message appears and no data is shown in the widget. Message: 'Some widgets cannot be displayed because some attributes are unavailable.'
  2.  The 'Assigned Resources' pull-down list is empty on the Widget Configuration page. 




Fixed in 16.0.2 and (16.0.1 Patch 1)