Logic / Criteria for 'Add Assigned Tasks' option in Modern Timesheets
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Logic / Criteria for 'Add Assigned Tasks' option in Modern Timesheets


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What is the logic/criteria for the 'Add Assigned Tasks' option in Modern Timesheets?

It appears inconsistent as per the setting (+/- 7 days of timesheet period).




Release : 16.0

Component : Timesheet Module Clarity


Here is the logic for the 'Add Assigned Tasks'

1- This option appears only when a resource has assignments.
2- This option populates a new timesheet with task assignments that are currently open. 
3- The open assignments have a date range within the time period of the new timesheet and typically have non-zero pending or accepted ETC. 
4- The range also includes the number of days that your administrator set in
Administration > Project Management > Timesheet Options > Default Time Entry Options

5- The Populate Time Range field includes a setting for the days before and after the time period start (default = 7 days). 
6- If any open assignments have non-zero ETC, the tasks in any future time periods outside the range also appear.


Additional Information

Add Assigned Tasks does not add tasks with 0 ETC