Process does not auto-start when condition is met from process
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Process does not auto-start when condition is met from process


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When a boolean attribute value is set as an auto-start condition of a process and this value is updated via another process, the process does not auto-start, while it does auto-start when the value is changed manually.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new boolean attribute in Investment object.
  2. Create a new Custom Object (subobject of Investment).
  3. Create a new process.
  4. Add the custom object as a Primary Object for the process.
  5. Add a linked object to the Primary Object (Investment).
  6. For Start Option, select On-demand.
  7. Add a single step to change the boolean value from Step 1 from No to Yes:
    (Actions > New > System Action > Next, and choose the parent linked object, to set the attribute to 'Yes')
  8. Set the Post-Conditions and Validate all to enable the process.
  9. Create another new process.
  10. Add Project as a Primary Object.
  11. For Start Option, select Auto-start on Update when [Project's boolean attribute] = Yes.
  12. Set the Post-Condition to Finish, Validate all to enable the process.
  13. Create a new instance of project and a new instance of the subobject.
  14. From the subobject instance, start the process from Step 3. The boolean value for the project instance will be changed from No to Yes.

Expected Results: Process from Step 9 auto-starts.

Actual Results: Process from Step 9 does not auto-start.


Release : 15.9.3



This issue has been reported to Engineering as DE63931.


This issue has been fixed in Clarity 16.0.2.