Broadcom Clarity SaaS email server update
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Broadcom Clarity SaaS email server update


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Clarity PPM SaaS



Broadcom SaaS is implementing a change where emails going out from Clarity SaaS will be authenticated and by doing this we are aware that few of the ways where emails could be sent using Clarity processes won’t work after the change is applied.


As part of this change the following will be impacted:

  1. SaaS email server will be updated with following changes:
    1. Server URL
    2. Email port number
    3. Authentication to send email
  2. Following GEL scripts that send out emails could stop working:
    1. Scripts that send emails using custom email servers.
    2. Scripts that make use of Java classes, and do not use auth = true 
      • <core:set value="${props.put('mail.smtp.auth', 'true')}" var="void" />
      • An example of sending using Java mail documented 
    3. The GEL script tests could have a problem if the mail server in Broadcom Clarity SaaS is configured with a port. When the mail server uses a port different from the default (25) then it needs to use this property when calling it: mail.smtp.port. Clarity uses the MailMessage class to communicate with the mail server and reads the port from the properties.xml file and will set up a properties instance to pass to the mail server. If the GEL scripts don't do this the default port of 25 will be used and if the mail server is configured on a different port the test will fail.

Note: Clarity’s out of the box notifications will not be impacted.


All Broadcom Clarity SaaS 


Broadcom SaaS is making changes to the mail server it uses for all Clarity notifications.


Action Items:

We recommend that customers review their existing GEL scripts, that send email notifications, for the above mentioned impacts. If there are GEL scripts that are impacted then it is required to make the necessary updates referring to the GEL’s Sending Email Messages product documentation and the knowledge article for the notifications to continue to work as expected.

Attached a NSQL script and content package which can be deployed on the clarity instance and gel scripts can be reviewed by looking at the portlet and adjust accordingly 


Additional Information


Broadcom will roll out the changes as part of the Clarity SaaS 16.0.2. Please refer to the upgrade schedule for specific dates when your non-production and production environments will be updated


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