Vantage Client: Storage Groups object missing some 'Types'
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Vantage Client: Storage Groups object missing some 'Types'


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Using Vantage Windows Client, it can happen that the 'Storage Groups' object shows an incomplete list of Storage Groups, where for example, all the SMS Groups defined in DFSMS are missing.

How to handle and correct this situation.


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Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Issuing for example, the 'Storage Groups\Space and Other Attributes' view and pressing the  'Help on this Object' icon, the following explanation is showed:


Storage Groups

The Storage Groups object describes the space usage in each defined Storage Group. Each Storage Group is a collection of one or more volumes. There are 4 types of Storage Groups: MVS, SMS, VAM and USR. MVS groups are defined within your MVS sysgen (or IO Gen). SMS groups are defined within DFSMS. VAM groups are defined within CA Allocate. USR groups are define within CA Vantage.

The Storage Group with the fixed name of TOTAL and type ONL is generated by CA Vantage and contains the totals for all online volumes. Since TOTAL ONL is not really a storage group name and type known by the system, attempts to zoom from this specific entry to related objects will usually fail.

How The Object Data Is Created

The data is collected at the interval specified in sysparm PAWINTVL by scanning all online DASD volumes. The data is kept in memory and presented immediately when the object is executed.

These sysparms control which Pools/Storage Groups will be displayed: INCLMVS, INCLSMS, INCLUSR and INCLVAMS.

Sysparm SMSVOLAD has options to dynamically add spare volumes to storage groups.



So, in order to be sure the SG object is correctly created and includes all the available Storage Groups 'Types' defined, it is important to set to 'Y' the following VKGPARMs:


if any of them is not set to 'Y' and takes the default value of 'N', then the SG object will look incomplete.