OneInstaller creates OS user automic-datastore
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OneInstaller creates OS user automic-datastore


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The One Installer on UNIX/Linux creates user automic-datastore.  Is there a parameter that can be used to use a different user?  What other options would be available to change this user name?


Release : 21.0



This is as designed


The user, automic-datastore is created for the analytics postgres database when using the One Installer.  This is hard-coded into the installation when using the One Installer.  It can be changed after the fact; a system admin and postgres admin will likely be needed to do this.

This is something that cannot be changed at this point in time or in the scripts themselves.  In order to do this we would need to have an enhancement request files which can be done here, but it would be something considered for a future major version of the product and not updated in version 21.0.

The One Installer is not a very flexible tool; there are a lot of settings that are hard coded and cannot be changed as it is meant for temporary systems.

If a different use is needed and automic-datastore absolutely cannot be created/used, then the installation should be done manually rather than using the One Installer.  The instructions for installing Analytics manually can be found here: