Thread Dumps With SAAS Agent and 10.7 EM
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Thread Dumps With SAAS Agent and 10.7 EM


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


We have a SAAS Tomcat 2x.x Agent and a 10.7 EM. Trying to do transaction trace per Investigator. But it is failing with some error. 

In 10.7 Docs, it talks about a setting to get thread dumps for Agent/EM 

  • Open the IntroscopeAgent.profile file in the <Agent_Home>/core/config directory and set this property:introscope.agent.threaddump.enable=true
    Save and close IntroscopeAgent.profile.
  • Open the file located in the <EM_Home>/config directory and set this property:introscope.enterprisemanager.threaddump.enable=true

But these parameters are not in SAAS docs. Is this combination supported?


Release : 10.7.0

Component : Integration with APM


Per Engineering, getting thread dumps from SAAS Tomcat Agent against a 10.7 EM is not supported.

The Account Team can give you an update status on this Product Feature:
F120915 Thread dump support with Java agents

Your options are:
- Revert to a 10.7 Agent. However, that will not support Java releases higher than 8 at this time. 
- Run a thread dump using a kill -3 agent pid (process id) 
For EM/Agent
On OS level identify the process ID of the Enterprise Manager/Agent, e.g. via the command ps -ef|grep java.
Send signal 3 to this process: kill -3 pid.
The thread dump will be written to the file em.log in the EM installation directory.
For the agent, it will go wherever sysout is specified. It should be your console log if enabled