Filter OBS Fields Pull-down Shows Units From ALL OBS Types
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Filter OBS Fields Pull-down Shows Units From ALL OBS Types


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Regular, non-financial OBS fields used on the filter section on a 'Related-Object' (R-O) Workspace is listing the active OBS units from ALL OBS types (both regular and financial types) defined in the system.

The Department OBS is working fine and only shows the active Department OBS Units for that specific field.

This occurs in version 15.9.3. In 16.0.1, it is also reproduced in the new R-O workspaces as well:
(1) To Dos: Investments, Tasks
(2) Staffing Workspace: Allocations Timeline, Staff Grid
(3) Tasks Workspace


1. Must have at least 2 OBS types defined in the system 
   In our demo data, we have 2 OBS types: Organizational, Resource Pool
   Both OBS types have the same top unit name = 'All Groups' 
   Update the name of the top Unit on both to 'All Org Groups' and 'All Resource Groups' 
   It is not required to associate the OBS Types to the same object to replicate the issue 

2. In the OBS properties, associate 1 OBS to your object 
   In our demo data, we have Resource Pool OBS associated with the Resource object 
   Associate the 'Organizational' OBS to the Project, Idea and CIT objects 
   In each of the Objects, Attributes, set the API Attribute ID (ie. obs_organizational, obs_resourcePool) 

3. Go to Modern UX and associate some Resources and Investments with these OBS units 
   Create some Staff, Tasks, To Dos data in the investments

4. Within the specific Workspace for Projects, Ideas or CITs, open the Filter section
   Add the 'Organizational' field and the 'Resource Pool' field 
   In the pull-down for each OBS field, take note it shows only the units for that specific field as expected 

5. Go to the R-O Tasks Workspace
   In the Filter section, add the 'Organizational' field from the Project, Idea or CIT object
   add the 'Resource Pool' field from the Resource Object
   Click into one of the fields and look at the list of units displayed

Expected: Should only see the OBS Units defined for the specific OBS field 
Actual:  It is showing OBS Units for ALL OBS Types in the System 

6. Repeat the steps for any of the other Related-Object (R-O) workspaces

   To Dos Workspace: Investments, Tasks 
   Staffing Workspace: Staff Grid, Allocation Timeline 
Expected Results: In any 'Related-Object' Workspace, the user should only see the OBS Units for the specific OBS field selected in the Filter section. 
Actual Results: In any 'Related-Object' Workspace, the user sees the OBS Units of ALL OBS types in the pull-down of any regular, non-financial OBS Type field in the Filter section.   
Workaround: None. 


Release 15.9.3, 16.0.0, 16.0.1 




Resolved in 16.0.2