Changes to in 21.2.x and later
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Changes to in 21.2.x and later


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CA Infrastructure Management


There are changes to in 21.2.x and later to support https on the Data Aggregator (DA) and credentials for DA rest.


Release : 21.2

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


The now reqires a URL after -h, and requires the answering of prompts for credentials to access Data Aggregator rest:

     [-h <DA REST URL>] (default http://<DANAMEHERE>:8581)
     [-a <filter by device IP address>]
     [-d <filter by IP domain name (if used, -a must also be used)>]
     [-i <filter by IP domain ID (if used, -a must also be used)>]
     [-t <filter by days old from current time ie. 1 for 1 Day since retirement>]
     [-z <filter by facet type>]
     [-b <batch delete size>]

     For cleaning up all component items which are not present across all devices please use these options
     [-o <output file name to report not present items for all devices>]
     [-c <input yes to clean out all component items which are not present>]

     other options

  -s   Show items before deletion
  -S   Do not show items before deletion
  -f   Force deletion
  -F   Skip deletion

When the -a option is used, not present components are selected from only that
one device.

If the -a option is specified without -d or -i, and there is more than one
device with the specified IP, then not present components will be selected from
only one of the devices.


Additional Information

Note that <DANAMEHERE> would be replaced by your DA hostname in the help