10.7 Workstation Installation Query
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10.7 Workstation Installation Query


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Service Virtualization


Need to confirm few things regarding only workstation installation in 10.7.


Enterprise Dashboard is getting installed with full-fledged dradis.properties.

Devtestlic.xml is also there.


The installation in 10.7 has more files mentioned above than in 10.6. Is this expected in 10.7?


Release : 10.7

Component : DevTest Workstation


After further analysis from product engineering team, we identified that, even in old versions also workstation installer was shipped with ED libraries, ED service. In 10.7 version, license file is linked with ED component. So license file also included in workstation installer.

   We understood that, this is a defect in installer and this will be taken care in next release. Deleting these files from installation folder will not harm the workstation package. For now, either you can ignore these files or delete these files from installation folder.